The #TechnoTrash campaign draws attention to our growing electronic waste problem through arresting visuals - the model mobile phone, tablet and laptop were created from household garbage and photographed - that juxtapose glossy consumer electronics with low-tech trash. The campaign drives audiences to a website providing tips on extending the life of devices, options for donating and re-using old items, and resources for safely recycling hardware at the end of its life.



The #TechnoTrash website is responsive across desktop and laptop screens, tablets, and mobile phones. Each view features and image of its respective trashed device. The site features three sections with resources customized by the user’s city or state:

Reduce, offering a list of repair-friendly tech shops, tips for buying devices that will last longer, and philosophical approaches for a less consumption-based lifestyle;


Reuse, with lists of schools, and organizations accepting technology donations, and;

Recycle, providing local options for safe tech disposal, state and city laws on e-waste, and information on the global impact of modern technology. 

The site also offers ways to get in touch with #TechnoTrash, a newsletter, donation and advocacy options, and social media.